la mouillère, la surchaussure


Be well in your head, wear overshoes mouillere® !
Re-invented by Mr Luc Mouillère and designed by the young designer Jean-Christophe Dumont, graduated from ENSCI,  the mouillere®  is entirely made in France: in a factory specialized in shoes molded in thermoplastic rubber (TPR) in Gestè, near Nantes.
The mouillère ® has many advantages:

The overshoes mouillere® protect your shoes from rain, mud and prolong their life.

Comfortable and secure:
The overshoes mouillere® improves grip and keeps your feet dry.
Because there is no difference between right and left foot, the mouillere® is easy to put on and remove and fits many different shoe models, male or female.
The overshoes mouillere® can be worn not only on any wet surfaces, but also in every other environment : town or countryside, on the beach or on the grass, while walking or biking, on scooter, motorbike or while driving a car, on a boat, at gardening, etc..