Ce sont nos clients qui en parlent le mieux…

« You go to the pasture, you open your trunk, you take out your mouillère, you put back the heel all easily, you put on your mouillère in 3 seconds. You wade in the mud, you run after your horse, you catch your horse, you get out of the mud, you take off your mouillères, you put them in the little bag and you mount your horse with your boots all clean. »

« They are very practical: when I go to the paddock in sneakers, I don't damage my sneakers and the little bag is very practical. I don't get the car dirty. »

« It's fabulous! I use it daily.  Very easy to take off, very easy to put on, one swipe, it's clean! Plus the little bag is convenient ! »

« La mouillère, it keeps you warm ! »

« It keeps your shoes dry. »

« La mouillère is great. I've been wearing them every day for a year now and they're not damaged at all. »

« It's practical and it adds style ! »

« It's perfect, this way you always have dry feet. »

« It's really a pattern that fits all shoe styles. I wear them over boots as well as sneakers or my ballet flats. »

« The mouillère, you don't even feel it on your foot. »


« For the garden, when you're lazy to leave your lace-up shoes, these are great! I can't say it any better ! »