While seeing the people from Warsaw slipping on snowy sidewalks, Luc Mouillère had the idea to re-invent the overshoes he had used in Montreal (Canada).Thus M & Go was born throughout meetings in Brazil, Germany, Belgium and France. And it is thanks to the Centre du Design du Faubourg Saint-Antoine and it's library of materials, that he had the idea of using thermoplastic rubber. It is this cross-fertilization that enables us to offer you this new product today

The philosophy shared by the team is to respect the resources of our planet and to provide comfort and wellbeing to people.

Because one of the challenges of the mouillere® is to reduce the consumption of leather and other materials used in their manufacturing, by protecting the shoes .

It is also to improve the safety and comfort by limiting the risk of slipping, while keeping the feet dry and warm.

Everything that comes with the mouillere® is useful: the flyer with our mission "provide well-being" can serve as a bookmark ; the bag allows you to store and transport your mouillere® ...