We talk to you about overshoes...

1. How to choose the size of your mouillère® overshoes ?

Choose the size of your mouillère® overshoes according to its size.

We have made a chart to help you choose the size of your mouillère® according to your shoe size : the mouillère® has been designed to be put over your shoes. Therefore themouillère® take into account the extra thickness of your shoe or boot.

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2. How to maintain your overshoes ?

To maintain your mouillère® overshoes, water them. Eventually you can use soap and sponge to remove the stains. You can also wash your overshoes in the washing machine (30°).

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3. What is the life expectancy of a pair of mouillère® ?

Abrasion experiments in the laboratory on soft ground show that the life expectancy of a mouillère® shoe is 7 years, i.e. approximately 10,000 km.


The wear will be mainly on the heel, which is the part that supports the most body weight during walking.

4. How to put on the mouillère® ?

To put them on: The mouillère® has a unique shape for both feet and is suitable for both women's and men's shoes. In order to fit as many shoe models as possible, the wick® is pointed at the end. The first times, it is easier to put the mouillère®on as follow:

- 1. turn the back of the mouillère® over,

- 2. Put the end on the shoe,

- 3. Pull and turn the back over the heel,

- 4. With the tongue of themouillère®, adjust well the mouillère® on your shoes.

5. Where is manufactured mouillère® ?

The mouillère® is manufactured in Gestè, France, near Nantes, in the last French factory specialised in shoes molded in thermoplastic synthetic rubber (TPR).

We take the greatest care in the manufacturing of the mouillère® overshoes. Manufactured by injection, the mouillère® shoe requires know-how and attention from the assembly of the molds, the preparation of the material, the control of the flow and the homogeneity of the injection, to the manual unmolding of each foot and its quality control by the operator. The overshoe is designed and manufactured to last over time.