Choose the size of your overshoe mouillère according to your shoesize.

We have made a matrix to help you choose the right size according to your size: the mouillère® has been designed to be put over your shoes and therefore take into account the extra thickness of the shoe or boot.

Be careful when the sole is very thick (more than 1 cm) or when the toe of the shoe is important, you must take the size above.

It also depends on the use of the mouillère®: if you want to put them on quickly to go to your garden, it may be wise to choose a size above so that the overshoe is faster to put on. If you want to wear them in the city, it's nicer and more efficient to wear them well-adjusted on your shoes and therefore to take the size corresponding to your shoe size.


I am 39, should I take XS or S?

If you are a woman and you are a size 39/40, take a size S, otherwise take a size XS.

If you are a man, take S.