mouillère sur la neigemouillere en villemouillère sur un bateaumouillère à chevalmouillère à vélomouillère à motomouillère fluo

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Mouillère®, the overshoe

What is a mouillère® ?

The mouillère® an overshoe to be worn over all types of shoes, to protect them in rainy, muddy or snowy conditions. Made of synthetic rubber, they are perfectly waterproof and bring you comfort, protection and style.
The mouillère® will protect your leather shoes of being destroyed by heavy rain or wet ground.
Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite shoes in the rain or to go for a walk in the forest in the middle of autumn, dare to wear Mouillère!

5 good reasons to buy mouillère®

  • 1. useful in any situation (in the forest, at the sea, in the mountains...)
  • 2. Practical (easy to put on, to wash and to carry...)
  • 3. Comfort and safety (your feet stay dry and warm and do not slip)
  • 4. Recyclable
  • 5. Made in France.